Jan de Beer offers the following services:

Corporate Writing

This service covers:

a)     The provision of articles (blogs) for posting on company websites and social media. Included in this service would be obtaining input from selected company personnel on success stories, new products or services to be launched, researching various other sources for informative articles relevant to the industry your organisation operates, and initiating articles to ensure that postings are regular and updated. Distance is no deterrent to achieve the above as the information would be obtained from company leaflets and suppliers’ websites. If appropriate, simple questionnaires would be sent to regional offices or even overseas representatives to obtain the basics of new projects and local news which could then be followed up with email clarification/elaboration if necessary to complete the articles.

b)     Working in close liaison with your company’s webmaster and social media officer or a personal associate Jan can recommend ensuring that the above system’s activity is sustained via a pre-determined calendar. Sustained activity is essential as absence of topical news about a company online creates mistrust and often aborts potential business associations.

c)     Providing input and editing company’s online newsletters.

d)     Editing of any company document – including annual reports, advertisements, advertorials, important letters, official notices, press releases, etc.

Ghost writing for corporate executives or divisional chiefs:

This is an invaluable service to busy top executives and covers ghost writing of executive reports or announcements eg monthly or quarterly official reports from the CEO of an industry association or corporate leader. Pointers to the contents could be suggested and then further researched by Jan de Beer based on latest trends within and outlooks for the relevant industry. The end-result will be an official report to members – ostensibly emanating from the leader’s keyboard.

If suitable, extracts from the report could be converted into an official press release and sent to selected media editors for publication consideration and certainly to your company’s social media officer for online usage. The ghost writing service is not only aimed at the top and is useful to all levels of management, even a divisional manager valued for his or her skills in production or sales but lacking in writing expertise who wants to ensure that his or her correspondence with top management or company forums is professionally written.

Tender documents for new business

Drafting and editing/ grammatical correcting tender documents as well as advising on the format and content of such documents. Here again complete confidentiality is guaranteed. This service is vital for companies with limited writing skills in-house as experience has shown that poorly written tenders seldom reach the final short list of adjudicators.

One-stop online writing and marketing service:

Although Jan de Beer specialises mainly in writing and related skills, he could on request offer and manage a full one-stop online marketing service, incorporating the skills of an associate specialist in total social media strategy and management.

Editing and proofreading of personal projects and documents

Editing and proofreading of personal projects and documents: This service would cover editing and proofreading virtually any project or document that needs professional writing skills such as:

a)     Publications: proofreading of any trade or consumer publication prior to printing.

b)     Academic: incorporating theses, dissertations, essays, research projects, lecture notes, assignments.

c)     Books: starting from the first tentative proposal to a potential publisher, the comprehensive service would include editing, re-writing and proofreading new novels, non-fiction works, biographies, children’s books, screenplays, scripts, e-books, and even checking interim correspondence with publishing houses. The service is also provided for self-published works.

d)     Speech writing: assistance in the preparation of the outline right through to the final crisp sentence whether a corporate paper at a top-level conference, memorial service or wedding.

e)     Curriculum Vitae: ensuring that your CV reads professionally and impressively for a potential employer.

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